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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  September 19, 2012 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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which is difficult to get. i'll get it tomorrow when i talk about romney. to end on positive thing, my nationals, the national league nationals are now number one and have the beg record in baseball. >> greg: they'll be beaten by the giants. >> bob: no, they won't. >> kimberly: see you tomorrow. >> bret: good evening. i'm bret baier. fox news alert. we begin with the fox news exclusive. intelligent sources are convinced that the attack on the consulate in libya was directly tied to al-qaeda. we received word that they think one may have led the attack on the ground. the name is supyan ben kumo and the name translated to supyan ibrahim gahu. a libyan was released, this is the important part.
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released from the u.s. prison of guantanamo bay in 2007. released from gitmo and transferred to libyan custody. under the condition he would be kept in jail. he wasn't. according to the gitmo files which we obtained, he was tied to the 9/11 financiers. his alias is, "found on a list of probable al-qaeda personnel" receiving monthly stipends and family support. so again, possibly this is one of the menvod in the attack. leader of the attack on consulate in libya. we have obtained the files from the gitmo records and there is a tie to 9/11. this is developing in the last five minutes. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge is here tonight. this dovetails if all true,
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with what is happening on capitol hill. >> now the assault on consulate in benghazi is seen through the lens by a senior obama administration official who testified on capitol hill today. >> let me begin by asking if you would say that investor stevens and the three other americans died as a result of the terrorist attack? >> on that question i say yes. killed in the course of the terrorist attack on the embassy. >> eight days after the assault, the administration said the attack was spontaneous is fraying at the edges. two hours after the comments the white house spokesman had a hard time reconciling the administration description with the so-called demonstrators who carried the rpgs and used mortars. >> based on the information we have at the time. we have now. we do not yet have an indication it was preplanned or premeditated. there is an active
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investigation. >> the libyan president and senior lawmakers brief on the assault consistent called it a premade tated terrorist act. earlier the state department pushed back on the characterization. >> i'm not going to put baseballs on this until we have complete investigation. >> is it act of terrorism? >> we don't know enough. >> now intelligence report obtained by fox news raising questions about the claim that the demonstration in cairo on 9/11 were fueled by the amateurish video clip of prophet muhammad. two days before, there was a call to attack the u.s. embassy to force release of blind sheik held in prison in north carolina after the conviction in the first world trade center attack. the call for action posted on the web read in part, "the time has come for a strong movement from you, oh sons of egypt, to release the detained sheik. let your logan be no to --
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slogan be no to the embassy in egypt until the detained sheik is released, even if it requires bringing the embassy down with everyone in it." >> there is more concluding that the blind sheik as factor in the demonstrations. >> the republicans sent a letter to the state department and the justice department today after unconfirmed reports that the obama administration considered transfer of the blind sheik to authorities. state department spokesperson said, "there is no plan to release the sheik at this time." >> bret: there was info according to the sources that this guy, gumu was training libyan jihaddists ahead of gaddafi ouster. if he led this, part of it, let go of gitmo or ties to 9/11 in some way it's a different ballgame. >> a game-changer, the information you reported tonight. this individual was part of a group called the lifg, libyan
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islamist fighting group. traditional ties to al-qaeda. they provide fighters to afghanistan and pac and considered the cornerstone of what we see of al-qaeda in north africa. this is a game changer and may explain why we heard from the national terrorism center that it was act of terrorism, and not anything else. >> bret: we'll continue to follow it. thank you. >> you're welcome. >> justice department inspector general said thes have was burdened by pist guided strategy, error in judgment and management failure in gun tracking program known as operation fast and furious. the i.g. nearly 500-page report came out a few hours ago. it refers to more than a dozen people for possible disciplinary action. it refers more than a dozen people for disciplinary action. it does not criticize eric holder. one official resigned and another retired. we'll talk to house chairman oversight and reform committee
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republican darrell issa in a few minutes on "special report." now to the economy. encouraging housing number encouraged positive day on wall street. there is still national debt. and different ideas how to deal with it. president obama explained his plan last night and said we don't have to worry about the debt short term. chief national correspondent tells us the president memory wasn't as sharp as usual. >> the debt clock passed $16 trillion between the two convention and increase the total debt of a third. on letterman show tuesday night, however, president obama said he couldn't remember where it was when he took office. >> do you remember what that number was? was it $10 trillion? >> i don't remember what the number was precisely. >> reporter: actually, letterman was right. $10.6 trillion when obama took office and now stands at $16 trillion. the president doesn't seem as
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concerned as everyone else in washington about how much the debt is weighing down the economy. many believes every ounce of debt is future tax increase. >> debt is rising faster than economy. >> here is the bottom line. we have want to spend money. we don't want to pay for it. so we're actually handing that bill to our kids. it's pretty unconscionable and that is what it is. >> nevertheless, mr. obama didn't seem that concerned. >> we don't have to worry about it short-term. right now, the interest rates are low. people consider the united states the safest country ever. rightfully so. >> the interest rates are close to zero, when the economy turns to normal, so will rates. they are likely to go up five times that much or more. >> the interest rate means the
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interest at the federal level would eat up discretionary spending from the government. >> eliminating program of all kind, leading to defense and entitlement. president acknowledged that some government programs don't work well. >> if you and i pay the same rate we did under bill clinton that helps to close the deficit. >> the raises taxes on those that make more than $250,000 a year as the president proposes will only raise $700 billion over ten years. while the congressional budget office and the president spending plans would add another $6.4 trillion to the debt over the same period. bret? >> bret: thank you. chief political correspondent carl cameron has a follow on romney's 47% and look at the fox news poll. >> fundraiser in atlanta, romney tried to reassure donors despite handful of
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conservatives the race is a tossup. >> the question of the campaign is not who cares about the poor and the middle class. i do. he does. the question is who can help the poor and the middle class? i can. he can't. he has proven that in four years. >> the latest fox news poll in battleground state shows the president leading 49-42 in ohio. 50-43 in virginia. 49-44 in florida. among voters who are extremely interested in the election, the race is tighter. obama is up only two points in virginia. florida is tied. romney is up by a point in ohio. the survey was taken as reporting that romney remark at may florida rundraiser emermed with him suggesting that the 47% of americans who do not pay income taxes will never support him because they consider themselves victims. owed support from the government. romney backed away from sentiments while reiterating the charge that the obama policies replace the american dream with culture of government dependency. >> it does not work by a
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government saying become dependent on government. become dependent on redistribution. that will kill american entrepreneurship that lifted economy over the years. >> romney has been hammered for the remark by a cadre of conservative pundit who long criticize his campaign. republican senator dean heller of nevada and brown of massachusetts say they don't share the view that romney express on the hidden camera video. lindsey graham criticized romney for fundraising in red states instead of stumping in swing states. "he needs to talk about the economy and not in utah. he is in the going to get beat because of money. he ought to run in ohio and florida like running for gor and running for virginia like he is running for sheriff." despite romney rough rhetorical patches, polls show the vast majority of republicans expect to support him. chris christie predicts the controversy over the romney comment about the 47% subside. >> he wants to empower individuals through sacrifice and opportunity to make it as great as they can be and make america greater. that is what he is talking
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about. >> but today he talked about obama's remarks years ago to build a better structure, pool resources and redistribution. that will only worsen a culture of dependency. >> bret: carl cameron with the governor in miami. thank you. coming up later, ed henry on the white house response to president obama's speech on redistribution. that brings us to tonight's text to vote question. do leaked tapes as the romney 47% and the president's redistribution audiotape matter? text sr1 for yes. sr2 for no. next, fact-checking, president obama's back story. does your phone give you all day battery life ?
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>> bret: four years ago, obama become wall street a 20th century rags to riches persona in the white house. to become a 21st century american president. buts he seeks re-election there is uncertainty about how much of the back story can be backed up. correspondent doug mckelway looks at a new and exclusive report following several months of investigation by reporting team at washington examiner. >> it raises questions about the established narrative of the early life, school, work of president obama and calls him a child of privilege, not hardship. >> barack and i were raised by families who didn't have much in way of money or material possession but who had given us something more valuable. their unconditional love. >> i'm sure it was a difficult childhood given circumstances with his parents but from a financial and social stand
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point it was not underprivileged childhood. >> the neighborhood where his mother and stepfather raced him was the most exclusive in jakarta. later sent to live with his grandparent in hawaii, he attended the exclusive school and columbia university. later harvard law school. in the first job as community organizer he rejected more lucrative offers. >> to me, he was still the guy who picked me up for our dates in a car that was so rusted out i could actually see the pavement going by in a hole in the passenger side door. >> while he worked on the southside, he lived in hyde park. of the 12 years as a lecture at law school. time >> manager: said in a few years he was a rock star professor. but there may be a different
3:17 pm
story. in 2003, only a third of students recommended his courses. >> steadily went down in five or six year he was there. >> nor did the future president leave record of scholarly writings. while others wrote prolifically in law journals. >> he showed up for classes and gave lectures and he was gone. >> the examiner found sharp contrast between the memory of the legal word and record of it. in "dreams from my father" he wrote in the legal practice i worked mostly with churches and community groups. this document shows the young lawyer represented well-healed clients. in one case, he represented a politically connected breacher and real estate developer, arthur braiseer who failed to provide heating and running water to 15 apartments in dead of winter. the client had tenants removed from the building.
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for all of his critics on the right, community organizer obama left many colleagues on the left disheartped by shelling out to -- selling out to chicago establishm. "what we see is chicago core at the coalition is made of blacks who moved up by moving poor blacks out." carter, neighborhood activist singled out valerie jarret for criticism. had sub prime lending to poor people. carter said they were never interested in poor people. they would sell poor people a bill of goods. >> the developers profit from it. political activist and candidate like obama himself would receive votes. of course, political contributions. a win-win for everybody but poor people. >> we're five days away from
3:19 pm
fundamentally transforming the united states of america. [ applause ] 6 >> some argue they won on his performer but they rejected overtures to reform the chicago machine. he made it clear he wasn't interested in risk taking or challenging the chicago machine lock on a lot of mechanics of government in cook county in chicago. said a frustrated former colleague. mayor richard daley -- last of the big city bosses built that machine. by rewarding allies with patronage position. today, obama choice of aide suggest unbreakable bond to that machine. jalry jarret, david axelrod and rahm emanuel and bill daley all cut their political deet on the daley machine. the legendary "chicago tribute" writer once penned this advice to mayoral candidate richard m. daley the son of the big city boss. "reward your friends and punish your enemies." a phrase the president used once to describe how latinos should think about elections.
3:20 pm
>> we're going to punish our enemies an reward our friends who stand with us on issues that are important to us. >> so that end, examiner said they received clean energy loans in grants totaling $16 billion. the auto bail-out favored the auto workers and eight of the ten states getting the most contract were heavily democratic. bret? >> bret: doug, thank you. the full report will be on the examiner website tonight. in the newspaper tomorrow. when we come back, exclusive reaction to fast and furious report out today from the man pressing the issue in congress. all multivitamins give me the basics. they claim to be complete. only centrum goes beyond. providing more than just the essential nutrients, so i'm at my best. centrum. always your most complete.
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>> bret: let's talk more about the inspector general report on operation "fast and furious." darrell issa led the way to the congressional probe of the program and he joins us live from capitol hill. thank you for being here. your first assessment of the report today? >> it's a good report. there were a few things they weren't i believe to get to. they're still looking for them, including the white house officials who were briefed. but not made available to the i.g. but overall what they did is they outlineed what went wrong at a.t.f. what went wrong in phoenix. they went up the chain to show what went wrong to the very top of justice. >> bret: you mentioned the top. you have jason weinstein, deputy assistant attorney general who resigned today. but that is where it stops. it does not go beyond that. this does directly tie to the death of brian terry, the patrol agent. would you want it to go further? >> the coverup goes further. i was with the terry family in a rural area called busbysbee,
3:25 pm
arizona, for name of the brian terry border patrol station yesterday. they want answers and they want everyone held accountable ifer the initial failure. they want answers on the cover up where for ten months the miles per hour people were told they don't let guns walk. those false statements came from justice. all the way to the very top. including brewer and ultimatelier rick holder. >> bret: eric holder released a statement and in part it said it's unfortunate people were quick to make accusations, accusations that turned out to be without foundation and caused great deal of unnecessary harm and confusion. i hope today's report is a reminder of danger as adopting as fact unsubstantiateed conclusions before an investigation of the circumstances is completed. your reaction? >> one of the critical people required to brief him, hand picked by him, resigned today. it's still only the tip of the
3:26 pm
iceberg. the fact is just because you're not convicted doesn't mean you are vindicated. attorney general holder didn't ask the question, didn't read the memos. up and down the chain, the people who worked for him, the political appointees responsible to him failed to do their job. including denying reading wiretaps they were responsible for signing. there is no question there needs to be reform and justic justice. in the wake of brian terry murder we owe it to the family to fix the system. holder didn't do his job or care enough to call the family. and today finally one of the people that should have been gone a year-and-a-half ago resigned. but only after the i.g. pointed specifically to him. he pointed to others and pointed to areas that there is still more work to be done, including the unsealing of 14 wiretaps. things that the attorney general has fought us on.
3:27 pm
the documents from post february 4 was reason the attorneyien was held in contempt. the i.g. said it needs to be made public. >> bret: now that the i.g. report is finished do you expect justice to come forward with the 74,000 documents you requested? there is still an issue of executive privilege. >> there are many documents referred to or used in the report in which they chose to have no exective privilege. the i.g. was allowed to use them. that is wrong. we're happy that the i.g. has access. the i.g. has gone through areas he has to do more work. needs more information. example is over at the department of homeland security, secretary napolitano refused to make available one of the full-time employees of fast and furious that happens to fall within her jurisdiction. result, the i.g. was not table interview this individual who was aware and did know about the wiretaps. >> congressman, this report seems to indicate that the
3:28 pm
i.g. didn't find any motive behind the official action of trying to change gun laws. do you see that? >> we never made a state in the any way, shape or form. it's been said a lot as possible motive. we don't know and perhaps we'll never know why such a reckless and foolish tactic, not only was done but was continueed and covered up. at the end of the day, though, it was continued. it was covered up. it was knowingly done and people lied to the american people about it. that is really the reason that this won't end until those people are held responsible. plus having been with the terry family yesterday there were a number of people in the chain of the transport of the guns that killed brian terry. that have not yet been charge charged. so there are still people not held accountable on the straight criminal side. >> bret: congressman issa thank you for your time tonight. >> thank you. >> bret: don't forget tonight's text to vote question.
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do leaked tapes such as the romney 47% talked about this week and president obama's redistribution audiotape really matter in this election or any election? text sr1 to 36288 for yes. sr2 for no. results shortly. no grapevine tonight. but the fall-out over that redistribution comment and story about it is next. eave thee till you finish your vegetables. [ clock ticking ] [ male announcer ] there's a better way... v8 v-fusion. vegetable nutrition they need, fruit taste they love. could've had a v8... try this... bayer? this isn't just a headache. trust me, this is new bayer migraine. [ male announcer ] it's the power of aspirin plus more in a triple action formula to relieve your tough migraines. new bayer migraine formula. ♪ n a triple action formula to relieve your tough migraines. forz(power!) andiamo! andiamo! (let's go! let's go!) avanti! avanti! (keep going! keep going!)
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>> bret: earlier we told you of mitt romney's evidents to
3:33 pm
get passed a leak video featuring admittedly inelegant remarks. obama is trying to spin an older statement. chief white house correspondent ed henry on reaction to the president's support for a polarizing concept. >> republicans pounced on obama pushing redistribution as a senator years ago -- >> i believe in redistribution -- >> carney said it's desperate attempt for romney to distract from his own remarks on tape. >> his campaign is having a bad day or a very bad week. sometimes there are deb rate effort to change dialogue. >> how do we structure the government systems that pool resources; hence, facile it redistribution. >> the tape shows unlike romney the president promotes
3:34 pm
opportunity. >> the battleground in north carolina today, the first lady seemed to get in a wipe, too. >> as president you truly need a strong inner come pass compas. >> romney on defense after telling campaign donors 47% of americans see themselves as victims and depend on government. >> with 47 million americans now on food stamps, rise of 15 million in four years, republicans charge the president wants a government centered society. >> create an economy so strong enlist everybody. >> mitt romney and i are not running to redistribute the wealth. we're running to help americans create wealth. >> on romney point about dependency, u.s. census data
3:35 pm
shows 49% of miles per hours now live in a household receiving government benefit. up from 30% in the 1980s. >> if you are questioning whether or not social security is a necessary and beneficial program for america seniors i think the president's answer would be clear. yes, it is. >> the other issue romney talked nant the tape was tax fairness. carney says the president wants to tackle that in a second term. so that hasn't been decided yet. bret? >> bret: more on this with the panel. ed henry live on the north lawn. thank you. congressional budget analyst say 6 million americans will have to pay a tax penalty for not having health insurance. once the president's healthcare law is in place. it says most of them fall in the middle class. that figure is $2 million more than the priest estimate. the average penalty will be $1200 starting in 2014. new details in the investigation on the libyan consulate attack and what it all means. with the fox all-stars next.
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let me ask you if you say ambassador stephens and the three other people died as a result of a terrorist attack? >> certainly on that particular question, i'd say yes. they were killed in the course of a terrorist attack on the embassy. >> we are looking at indications that individuals involved in the attack may have had connection to al-qaeda or al-qaeda affiliates. in particular, al-qaeda and islamic. the picture emerging is one where a number of different individuals were involved. >> bret: head of the national counter terrorism center on capitol hill. late today fox news learning according to the intelligence sources that one person may have been involved in that attack, tied to al-qaeda. his name is sufian van cumu.
3:40 pm
and he may have led the attack according to the intel officials. he used to be at grit mow. guantanamo bay, cuba. the u.s. prison. let go in 2007. transferred to libya. supposed to be held in custody but wasn't. there are ties according to the gitmo files to 9/11 financiers. what about all of this? bill kristol editor of "weekly standard." mara liasson, national political correspondent of national public radio. jonah goldberg, at large editor of national review online. bill, if true, and we are developing this as it was happening, as we went to the show. we had a couple of sources telling us they believe this guy was a part of it. get very specific. we have the gitmo file right here for this guy. he is in libya. he was training jihaddists. they believe he was part of the attack. and it changes the whole dynamic, doesn't it? >> what is striking that some
3:41 pm
people, our >> manager: said they thought it was likely well-organized terrorist attack before we went to press last friday. we talked about it on "fox news sunday." plenty of evidence they organized the attack. al-qaeda people were involved. even in cairo, egypt. al-zawahiri brother seems to be involved in planning the attack. interesting question, there are terrorists that want to kill americans. not a surprise they take advantage of chaos and to do so not surprise they might choose to do so on september 11. the real question is why did the administration go so far out of its way. jay carney at the white house friday. susan rice on the tv shows, ambassador to the-up on sunday to deny what was pretty obvious even then there was some degree of terrorist organization behind the attacks? >> bret: take a listen to susan rice on abc in the context. >> we believe that folks in benghazi, a small number of people came to the embassy or to the consulate rather to replicate this sort of
3:42 pm
challenge that was posed in cairo. and then as that unfolded it seems to have been hijacked let us say by some individual clusters of extremists who came with heavier weapons. weapons that as you know in the wake of the revolution in libya are quite common. and accessible. then it evolved from there. >> bret: what about that, mara? >> she doesn't come out and say it, but she is suggesting it was spontaneous or more or less spontaneous. >> bret: in another interview she used the word. >> word "spontaneous." we're having conflicting stories that it was planned in advance. certainly any al-qaeda cell would know there would be demonstrations around 9/11. if they want to mount an attack under the cover of crowd outside the embassy, they could do that. i think that probably not be a good idea to get so far out there suggesting that it's spontaneous that the
3:43 pm
investigation is still going on. they're not sure what happened and it might have been planned. it just would be a good idea for administration to find out what happened and then tell us. >> bret: another element to this, the cairo side. a side that the blind sheik, terrorist responsible and held in jail in the u.s. for the 1993 world trade center bombing, omar abdel-rahman, many egyptians including the new egyptian president called for him to be released. there were documentation that protests were planned on the american embassy in cairo. based on that prior to 9/11, the administration is saying they didn't think it was about the blind sheik. but there is a back and foth about that. take a listen. >> let me say as clearly as i can, there is no plan to release the blind sheik. there is no plan. to my knowledge we have not been approached about it
3:44 pm
recently by any senior egyptians. >> the department do not give categorical denial. other than to say there is no plan now. well, how about tomorrow? how about next month? next year? i want absolute categorical answer that he is not going to be released, will never be released and he is going to die in prison. >> bret: jona? >> it's a bizarre response. in normal politics, if a politician says i have no plan to run, that is generally construed as he is going to run. and to say there is no plan is almost parsing of the word "is" there. it's a very strange thing. representative king is absolutely right. why not have a categorical denial? this guy was ring leader of attack morn soil. under no circumstances could we possibly let him out. certainly you cannot let him out after you have the attacks on the cairo embassy. to suggest that the reports
3:45 pm
out there that this is actually an ongoing negotiation i find it hard to believe. >> bret: they shoot it down privately. it's not as categorical from the podium. >> it would be insane. so insane. i say this because i have immense respect for the foreign policy philosophy in the white house. but this is on par with iran can tra to say you attack our embassies. here is the man with american blood on his hands in respons response. >> who attacked the world trade center. this is inconceivable. >> bret: big picture. going around and around about what the administration said and all of this stuff. big picture about the little pieces of this puzzle. >> there are terrorists killing miles per hours in the middle east. we should treat it as act of war and not try to ask the libyan government to make it possible for f.b.i. to go in and do forensic investigation. video, not like the administration was agnostic or neutral.
3:46 pm
they knew the cause. the cause was the stupid little video that some right wingish type allegedly made in america. they love to blame it on the video. that is what is shocking and offensive. if you get a little wrong, exactly what was spon stainous and planned, you don't know it at first. they love the idea this is caused only and entirely by the video. >> they talk about the first amendment as if it was a problematic, problem we've got. if it weren't for first amendment everything would be fine. ugly episode in public diplomacy. >> bret: next up, romney tape, obama tape. and aperience on letterman and the fall-out. we have look at that and the latest fox news polls. [ male announcer ] when this hotel added aflac
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before i walked in office, we had $1 trillion deficit. debt had mounted. >> do you remember what the number was? was it $10 trillion? >> i don't remember what the number was precisely. >> right. as miles per hours should we be scared we owe that money? who do we owe the money to? >> we don't have to worry about it short-term. right now interest rates are low because people still consider the united states the safest and the greatest country on earth. rightfully so. but it is a problem long-term. even medium term. >> the key thing, right now our debt levels are rising faster than the growth in our economy. our economy will eventually break if that continues. >> some of president obama with david letterman talking about the national debt. as you look at the national debt currently under president obama. the national debt since january 2009, $10.6 trillion. september 2012, $er 16 trillion. 51% increase, $5.4 trillion added. back with the panel.
3:51 pm
jonah, what about that response? it wasn't picked up anyplace. >> again, i love -- not to use the word "clintonnian" but he couldn't remember the number precisely, he couldn't remember the number at all. obama administration got away with the argument they inherited all of this debt from george w. bush. therefore, it justifies them for come pounding the debt by order of pag magnitude. it's another one of the examples where he is not held accountable. even the stuff you said in 2008, but when you go on david letterman that is as tough as it will get. >> bret: we cut it up for time reasons and he did say it has to be dealt with. and we have to do it in a fair way. but not a short-term problem. is that a problem? >> it's a medium term problem. if short-term means that the next six months i agree with them. but the fact is that the debt and deficit snore you have a fiscal cliff at the end of the year. >> that's a huge problem.
3:52 pm
short-term problem. that deals with the deficit. the debt and the deficit is the number one reason in addition to economy why the president has at this point only small lead instead of a healthy lead. this is the thing that made the independent voters more than any other voters sour on the president. they're concerned about this. if romney is not going to make this to a big, strong consistent argument, then we're not going to have a debate about this. it should be front and center. it's something that people care about. they want to know what you are going to do about it. so far, it hasn't been something romney has chosen to be talk about. >> bret: bill? >> appearance on letterman, if romney cam pape doesn't have an ad up by this weekend showing president obama saying i don't remember precisely what the debt was when i took over an then saying it's not a short-term problem. really? the debt has gone up over $1 trillion. each year of the presidency. gone up more than $5 trillion. it has gone up more in four years of obama than in the eight years of bush.
3:53 pm
and more in the four years of obama than all the years before bush. or just about as much. history of the united states. if the romney campaign can't do a good 30-second ad on we this guy, office call cliff, he's spending our money and he has no plans to reduce the debt and deficit no, credible plan, that is a very good 30-second ad. and they should produce it. >> bret: speaking of ads, dueling ads from the super pac, that supports the president and the rnc. >> behind these doors, mitt romney calls half the american people -- >> 47% believe they're victims. >> victims. behind these doors middle class families struggle. romney will make things tougher. >> when you were really talking about income equality, which suggests redistribution. >> i actually believe in redistribution. >> if you have been successful, you didn't get there on your own. >> nibble redistribution. >> okay. bill.
3:54 pm
start with you. it's not often that you are siding with david axelrod. it's rare that you are quoted by him. i can't count the number of e-mails that came in after your comment that mitt romney was stupid and arrogant on the 47%. thoughts? >> well, i'm flattered, i guess. i'm amused that david axelrod agrees with me occasionally and the stop clock is right twice a day. his agreement is one of the twice a day occasion. stupid statement by romney. i still think it really did, it did injustice to conservatives in which believe so strongly in opportunist society and standing for middle america. that's the kind of conservatism i came to washington to be part of in the reagan administration with bill bennett and jack kemp. mitt romney just so mischaracterized that and made it seem as if we're depending the 53% of the taxpayers against those 47% who don't pay any income tax. they're all victims. >> bret: so is he moving
3:55 pm
past it? one-day deal? >> of course. >> bret: or is it lingering? in your mind -- >> not lingering in my mind. >> bret: clearly it is. >> no. you asked me about it and i answered it. he should move past this and turn it in broader debate of size and scope of government. whether obama -- take obamacare. that is a word maybe the romney campaign could mention occasionally. the legislative achievement of the obama administration. that will increase the size and scope of got massively. it will make people dependent on decisions by unelected bureaucrats in washington. that's something worth criticizing. romney can move by it, having a serious policy debate on president obama policies. including obamacare. >> bret: we have much more on redistribution tape and this tape. and we're going to talk about it online. on the online show. stay with us. that's it for panel but stay tuned to hear the pros and cons of president obama's recent fundraiser.
3:56 pm
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>> bret: we asked you tonight do leaked tapes since the romney, and redistribution matter 33 percent said yes, 67 percent said no. manhattan hosted by entertainment power couple jay-z and beyonce. a picture of the president chatting it up with the two celebrities. one late night comedian said there are pros and cons to these type of events. >> take a look at the pros and cons of jay-z and beyonce's obama fundraiser. here we go. pro: getting it rub elbows with the most powerful couple in the free world, con and barack and michelle obama. meet them as well. pro, jay-z and beyonce were able to find a babysitter for blue ivy. con, obama still hasn't found one for biden. >> bret: that wasn't as good as promised. thanks for invit


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